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Charles F., U.S. optician, 1854-1946. See: Prentice rule.
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Car mechanic Prentice flew 4,500 miles from Louisiana to propose to Katt three months after hooking up online.
But there are words to remember Premier Prentices contributions to Alberta.
In his closing speech yesterday, Mr Prentice said: "On November 4, 1998, Surjit Singh Chhokar made his way home from work with a bottle of juice and a takeaway meal, doubtless looking forward to a pleasant evening.
Some "70 per cent of the capacity planned is dedicated to tolling arrangements," said Prentice.
Prentice was banned from teaching but has since set up a dance school where youngsters learn hip-hop - just like she taught Dean ten years ago.
Prentice will report directly to Ori Hadomi, CEO of Caesarea, Israel-based Mazor Robotics Ltd.
Mazor Robotics Ltd (TASE:MZOR)(Nasdaq:MZOR), a developer of surgical guidance systems and complementary products, announced on Tuesday that it has promoted Christopher Prentice, SVP America & Global Marketing, to the position of CEO of Mazor Robotics Inc, the US subsidiary of the company.
Mr Prentice, who has passed away at the age of 77 following serious illness, was an artist who was prepared to push the boundaries in the name of his craft.
Mr and Mrs Prentice moved to Malvern Wells in 1990 and set up a studio in their home.
Imagine you're a little kid and you've got Christmas on the 25th of December, and then someone comes along and says, sorry, it's the 25th of February; no, it's the 25th of June," Prentice chuckled.
The Maryland Nurses Association is pleased to welcome Susan Prentice as the newest member of its staff.
So I saw Prentice when he pulled into the driveway with a car trailer attached to his Wagoneer.