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Charles F., U.S. optician, 1854-1946. See: Prentice rule.
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'I suppose,' muttered Gabriel, 'that's out of the 'Prentice's Garland or the 'Prentice's Delight, or the 'Prentice's Warbler, or the Prentice's Guide to the Gallows, or some such improving textbook.
Sim Tappertit, among the other fancies upon which his before- mentioned soul was for ever feasting and regaling itself (and which fancies, like the liver of Prometheus, grew as they were fed upon), had a mighty notion of his order; and had been heard by the servant-maid openly expressing his regret that the 'prentices no longer carried clubs wherewith to mace the citizens: that was his strong expression.
'prentices might yet become if they had but a master spirit at their head; and then he would darkly, and to the terror of his hearers, hint at certain reckless fellows that he knew of, and at a certain Lion Heart ready to become their captain, who, once afoot, would make the Lord Mayor tremble on his throne.
The tolls are high, And every city levies its own toll, And prentices are unskilful, and wives even Lack sense and cunning, though Bianca here Has brought me a rich customer to-night.
Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told judge Lord Turnbull: "After the accused left, Mr De Montfalcon said he had never seen the accused before.
William "Bill" Prentice, a veteran Scottish radio DJ believed to have been the oldest music presenter in the world, has died, aged 96.
Washington, DC, July 10, 2019 --( In a field dedicated to helping patients learn to advocate for their own needs, Prentice teaches psychotherapists how to advocate for themselves.
Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told the High Court in Glasgow that father-of-seven McGuire was driving his daughter's car and had picked up Abbie's father Adam McLaren at about 4pm.
FREYJA Prentice says she loves coming back to the north-east to train.
THE US racing community has been rocked by the death of jockey Euclyn 'Pede' Prentice jnr following a crash in Kentucky in the early hours of Monday morning.
Prentice will serve as acting chief financial officer (CFO) while a search for a permanent successor is conducted.
Becky Prentice, 25, and Sophie Fuller, 22, gave birth a week after their due date.