Prenatal infection

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Prenatal infection

A maternal infection that is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta.


preceding birth.

prenatal care
care of the pregnant female before delivery of the neonate.
prenatal cytogenetic studies
cytogenetic studies carried out on amniotic fluid cultures, the fluid being collected by amniocentesis, is not much used in veterinary medicine because of lack of knowledge of congenital disease linked to chromosomal abnormality. Could be used as a means of early sex determination.
prenatal infection
infection of the fetus via an intact placenta, in the case of viruses, or via a placentitis in the case of bacterial or metazoan infections.
prenatal loss
see abortion, stillbirth, early embryonic mortality, mummification.
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During the last two years, prenatal infection has become one of the favorite causes cited when defending against birth-injury claims.
The Mailman team's work is part of a larger study designed to examine prenatal infection and such factors as father's age and prenatal exposure to chemicals in influencing schizophrenia in adulthood.
Some studies have suggested these may include parents' age and prenatal infections.