Surgery A polypropylene monofilament suture for use in cardiac, plastic, and vascular surgery and skin closure. See Suture.
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The abdominal muscles and the transverse fascia were closed using 8 interrupted polypropylene 4/0 sutures (Premilene).
To repose the herniated nerve root, one anchor suture of 6-0 polypropylene monofilament (Premilene; B Braun, Melsungen, Germany) was placed on the lateral edge of the vent.
Deplacement Situation en dehors du site de pose Tableau 2 : Classification d'Amid pour les protheses non resorbables Type Caracteristiques Exemple Type I Macroporeuse (> 75 Marlex (CR Bard) [micro]m) monofilament Prolene (Ethicon) Atrium (Atrium) Prolite (Atrium) Trelex (Meadox) Atrium (Atrium) Premilene (B-Braun) Serapren (smooth) Parietene (Covidien) Type II Microporeuse (< 10 Gore Tex (WL Gore) [micro]m) Macroporeuse Type III multifilament ou associee Mersilene (Ethicon) a une composante microporeuse Teflon (CR Bard) Type IV Submicronique Silastic