being buried alive

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be·ing bur·ied a·live

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Thus Karl Bahrdt, in hisAusfuhrung des Plans and ZwecksJesu (1784-92) explains the feeding of the 5000 by postulating a secret store of bread which Jesus and his disciples distributed to the multitude Jesus' walking on the water was effected by a platform floating just beneath the surface his raising the dead was actually reanimation from a coma, thus preventing premature burial.
In a radio interview on Sunday, Lagman gave four grounds for his motion to exhume: the burial was premature, precipitate and irregular; because it is a premature burial and the execution of the SC decision is void, therefore the body has to be exhumed; the remains have to be exhumed so as not to render the motion for reconsideration filed moot and academic; and the exhumation is necessary to rectify the patent disrespect of the Marcoses against the high court and its processes.
In Poe's case, one way of representing fear of forgetfulness is through the theme of premature burial, gaining an archetypal force in the short stories and reflecting a contemporary reluctance in medical diagnosis.
His more cult works, with director Roger Corman are Premature Burial (1961) which runs from August 11 and X: The Man With the X Ray Eyes (1963) runs between August 16 - 18.
While the rest of the evening's Escape for Life events went ahead as planned, Anthony substituted his premature burial for a stunt he hadn't performed for 20 years - being lowered handcuffed into a milk churn of ice-cold water before freeing himself from the handcuffs and picking four locks on the sides of the churn to get out - completing the escape in two minutes.
In Debussy's unfinished La Chute de la maison Usher, heard in a completion by Robert Orledge, pillars move in oppressively on Roderick Usher until he is trapped between them like a neurasthenic Samson and his sister Madeline returns from her premature burial as a looming larger-than-life projected spectre.
The report also warns that premature burial or disinfection can cause severe mental distress and potential legal problems for the bereaved.
Premature burial, while today associated almost exclusively with Gothic horror, was to the nineteenth century a possible (if not entirely likely) consequence of medical error.
The elite increasingly preferred rationalist explanations, but fear of premature burial remained a popular anxiety in the nineteenth century.
The Premature Burial, The Masque of the Red Death, The Curse of Frankenstein and Devil Girl from Mars helped propel her to cult status and brought her fan mail even in her later years.