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(prĕl′ōg′), Vladimir 1906-1998.
Bosnian-born Swiss chemist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the structure of biological molecules.
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Van Flandem has succeeded as a teacher, Prelog believes, because he brings an "amazing amount of knowledge and passion to the table, and that has really resonated with the staff"
The stereoselectivity of carbonyl reductases can often be predicted by Prelog's rule, which states that the stereochemistry can be determined by looking at the size of the two R groups.
According to Horst Prelog, President, Cosma International, 'Receiving this third-generation frame business from GM is a real testament to our ability to deliver on key areas including cost and quality.
SEND-OFF: Croatia's ambassador to Ireland Nenad Prelog wishes Darren O'Hanrahan and Dean Carolan a happy trip to his country
The Prelog expands the Returnable Transit Packaging range, which already includes the recently launched ALC and Trojan containers.
Examples can be found in discussions of the unusual properties of medium-sized rings (Prelog 1950; Huisgen 1957; Sicher 1962; Eliel et al.
46 The number of manuscripts of Burley's Lives is in the hundreds and there are a dozen incunabula; see Prelog on the manuscript tradition.
"This acquisition further enables Cosma to support our customers with lightweight solutions through the latest technologies and proven manufacturing excellence," said Horst Prelog, Cosma president.
The defined torsional angles [using the notation of Klyne and Prelog (30)] were implemented in a systematic manner and at each step the conformation was minimized.