affirmative action

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Affirmative Action

The removal of artificial barriers to the employment of women and disadvantaged minorities, or admission of same to highly selective institutions of higher learning.

affirmative action

Social medicine The removal of artificial barriers to the employment of ♀ and disadvantaged minorities, or admission of same to highly selective institutions of higher learning; AA refers to any effort to recruit and hire members of previously disadvantaged groups, as a means of erasing past inequities. See Bakke v Regents of the University of California, Reverse discrimination; Cf Glass ceiling.
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We have thus reached the result that, among blacks, only marginals gain from the establishment of a preferential hiring program--they do so because the outside observer lumps them together with black successes.
Do you favor preferential hiring and promotion of minorities; or do you oppose preferential hiring and promotion of minorities?
Preferential hiring, inasmuch as it falls on particular individuals, namely, young males, is unjust.
But the IG also substantiated several charges made by Bartman about improper personnel practices at the European edition, including preferential hiring and improper overtime payments.
Also, today's Alaska Native Corporations have shareholder preferential hiring practices so they could use hiring preferences to meet the needs of shareholders, their spouses, and their children.
And, although it may not be as clear, neither is "strong reverse discrimination." "Weak reverse discrimination" is merely preferential hiring. For example, if a veteran and a civilian were deemed equally qualified for a job, and the veteran was awarded the position because of his veteran status, this practice would be called "preferential hiring".
The agreement calls for contractors (see attached) who are covered under contract with Local 32BJ to give preferential hiring to the victims of the attack when job openings become available.
The accord also enhances job security by including a no-layoff clause for the duration of the agreement, banning the transfer of work to foreign-based maintenance facilities, granting preferential hiring at commuter carriers that are part of the USAir system, and providing job protection in event of an asset sale or merger.
In Worcester and elsewhere preferential hiring of minorities has sometimes prompted charges of "reverse discrimination."
Management said the "vast majority" of former strikers are already working elsewhere and offered to rehire former strikers from a"preferential hiring list" in order of seniority to fill job openings "as they occur within each bargaining unit"
Other terms include retention of a preferential hiring practice that, in some circumstances, allows West State to hire and lay off workers on the basis of skill and ability instead of seniority, and more flexible shift arrangements, including the option to work four 10hour days, three 12-hour days, or five 8-hour days.
Chile is considering a law that would give preferential hiring treatment to journalism school graduates.

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