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n. Informal
A prematurely born infant.

pre·term in·fant

(prē'term in'fănt)
An infant with gestational age of fewer than 37 completed weeks (259 completed days).
Synonym(s): preemie, premature infant, premature newborn, preterm newborn.


, premie (prē′mē) [ prem(ature)]
A colloquial term for a baby born prematurely; a preterm baby.
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According to Nosarti, studies have found that preemies show "alterations" in their brain wiring and structure -- including in areas related to social functioning and emotional regulation.
Like so many other preemies, Caleb may always have challenges due to his premature birth, but with a support system that includes Graham's Foundation, families like the LaDues are better equipped to handle whatever they encounter in their journeys.
Friday's report offers some of the first estimates of how many preemie survivors go on to suffer certain disabilities, and found that where these babies are born, and how early, determines their risk.
When a baby is born at less than 37 weeks of gestational age, or when the birth occurs "before the developing organs are mature enough to allow normal postnatal survival," that baby is what is known as a "preemie." Sources say that premature infants are at greater risk for "short- and long-term complications, including disabilities and impediments in growth and mental development." Indeed, preterm birth is, according to UNICEF, "the world's largest killer of babies, causing more than one million deaths each year," this even if 75 percent can be saved without high-technology care.
Much of the recent US improvement comes from reducing elective early deliveries, leading to a drop in "late preemies," babies born a few weeks early.
Research shows that even normal preemies have a low threshold for stimulation.
In short, while dexamethasone does help get preemies "off the ventilator," that small benefit is not worth the long-term risk.
While some preemies like Christopher have a poor quality of life, his prognosis is good -- despite his small and shaky start.
Somehow, Olivia learned that parents of preemies maybe aren't ready, either, when they give birth much earlier than expected.
New York, NY, July 28, 2017 --( Graham's Foundation (, the premier global organization for parents going through the journey of prematurity, has announced it will host its 2017 NYC 'Tinis for Preemies evening on November 9 at The Glasshouses in the Chelsea Arts Tower in Manhattan.
The shortage of incubators for prematurely born babies, or preemies as they are called, across hospitals in Dubai is placing severe stress on all stakeholders -- parents, hospitals and the health authorities.
In the current work, Hackam and colleagues found that TLR4 is present in higher amounts in the blood vessel lining in preemies than in full-term babies.