Predisposing Risk Factor

A condition—e.g., a stressor—which, when coupled with other risk factors, may lead to suicide completion
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In our case, the only predisposing risk factor for PUR was nulliparity, which according to the literature is the least significant of the accepted risk factors.
Interestingly, workers who said they were exposed to dust were almost six times more likely to report musculoskeletal pain than those who said they were not - in previous research, exposure to dust has been listed as a predisposing risk factor to MSDs.
1-3) Heart abnormality seems to be the most predisposing risk factor as it was described in three patients with mitral valve prolapse, tetralogy of Fallot, and BAV: this last condition was also present in our patient.
A number of studies have identified navicular drop as a major predisposing risk factor for ACL injury in young athletes (Woodford-Rogers et al.
Prevalence of DVT in various patient populations Patient population Prevalence of DVT Internal medicine 10 - 20% General surgery 15 - 40% Major gynaecological surgery 15 - 40% Major urological surgery 15 - 40% Neurosurgery 15 - 40% Stroke 15 - 40% Hip and knee replacement surgery 40 - 60% Hip fractures 40 - 60% Polytrauma 40 - 80% Spinal cord injury 60 - 80% Critical care 10 - 80% VTE risk factors Predisposing risk factor Relative risk weighting Thrombophilia High History of VTE High Malignancy High Drugs, e.
2) Previous head and neck radiation therapy is a predisposing risk factor.
While psychiatric disorders may arise independently from HIV infection, they are often a consequence of a positive diagnosis, and they may be a predisposing risk factor for infection.
Four of the predisposing risk factor variables were related (p<0.
We strongly suggest that primary care physicians encourage their patients with the known predisposing risk factors of tobacco use and chronic alcohol misuse to quit these habits, visit their dentists for annual oral cancer screenings, and report any oral symptoms promptly to their medical and/or dental care providers.
However the vulnerability towards addiction increases with an increase in the number of predisposing risk factors clustering in an individual while protective factors reduce the risk of addiction development (NIDA, 2014).