Predictive Medicine

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The use of diagnomics and pharmacogenomics to guide therapy
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By pioneering advancements in energy and predictive medicine, Argonne is paving a path for DuPage's prosperity.
MMG claims over 60 highly specialised employees are addressing the globalisation of the business on one side and marching towards big data processing and creating algorithms for predictive medicine which helps to predict epidemics, flow of patients and demand for medicines.
This basic AI approach can thus be used in multiple fields, from business analytics, to physics or even predictive medicine. 'AI is best thought of as an optimiser and a mathematical learning machine,' Dr Sirendi continues.
Dr Adriano Henney, secretary general of the Avicenna Alliance for Predictive Medicine, hopes one day to be able to create "human digital twins" to aid in the testing and development of medical devices and treatments.
PEER is a predictive medicine technology developed by MYND which combines an EEG scan of brain function with the largest registry of long-term outcomes in the world to assist physicians in selecting the medication which is most likely to work on a specific patient's brain.
Concierge Medicine provides the ideal delivery model for the future of predictive medicine," says trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today.
Prima aims to bring this year's attendees a glimpse of predictive medicine with the theme 'Back to the Future: Merging Age-Old Practice with Cutting-Edge Technology.'
The company's product portfolio includes 13 commercial molecular diagnostic tests, including seven predictive medicine tests, three personalized medicine tests, two prognostic medicine tests and one diagnostic medicine test.
Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials for Predictive Medicine
While stem cells are being used to fight existing conditions, the genome is the key to unlocking the new field of predictive medicine. Scientists can now pinpoint which genes cause many medical conditions, from cystic fibrosis to certain types of breast cancer.
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