Predatory Pricing

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An unethical health insurance pricing structure, in which groups and persons unlikely to use a particular covered service are charged a low premium; the premium rapidly increases as a consumer uses the service
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a mechanism to curb predatory pricing of air tickets.
The possibility of dumping and predatory pricing as two closely related phenomena received attentions in early 1900's.
Urgent regulation of the airline industry is needed to stamp out this kind of predatory pricing in the future.
Spirit allegedly accused Northwest of engaging in predatory pricing to force it to drop two flights from Detroit, one of them to Boston and the other to Philadelphia.
Editorial includes information on the range of antitrust issues, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, monopolistic practices, unfair competition, price fixing and predatory pricing, bid rigging, horizontal and vertical restraints, refusal to deal, patent licensing, private treble damage actions and U.
In "The Perverse Effects of Predatory Pricing Law" (Winter 2005-2006), Daniel Crane argues that giving standing to predatory pricing cases will cause more harm than good, even if successful predation exists.
The proposals are also understood to include stronger measures to prevent predatory pricing by large retailers.
dismissed the $20 million lawsuit filed by Holland, which claimed that the regional waste authority provided predatory pricing when it introduced the program.
For example, when the Supreme Court adopted the general rule that above-cost price cuts never violate the antitrust laws, it made the law of predatory pricing more predictable than it had previously been.
IN THE Daily Post last Thursday, a reader wrote to complain about the pounds 2bn profit recently announced by Tesco and predatory pricing forcing competition out of business.
While the petroleum industry will try to justify what some people may call predatory pricing, many of us instinctively know that they do it because they can get away with it.
Thus said increased price competition, including predatory pricing for corporate accounts, switched voice and leased line services, had affected margins.