preganglionic fibers

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pre·gan·gli·on·ic fi·bers

a fiber the cell body of which is located in an autonomic nucleus in the spinal cord or brainstem and the axon of which terminates in an autonomic (motor) ganglion; found in nerves conveying sympathetic or parasympathetic fibers.
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Type B: Herniation of a disc into the dural sheath in the pre-ganglionic region of the nerve root.
3,4) Notably, the first-ever published case was in the SAMJ and was thought to be a pre-ganglionic lesion.
Brachial plexus injuries usually involve either pre-ganglionic avulsion or post-ganglionic rupture.
8) This manner of forceful separation typically results in pre-ganglionic root avulsion or post-ganglionic rupture of the upper roots (C5-C6) while sparing the lower roots (C7, C8, T1).
The two remaining sub-nuclei contain pre-ganglionic autonomic motor neurons whose axons comprise the parasympathetic outflow of the 3rd cranial nerve.
Which one of the following statements about the pre-ganglionic pupillomotor fibres of the oculomotor nerve is TRUE?