Prayer Warrior

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A person who prays for someone who is ill in an attempt to alleviate or cure the disease
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Prayer Warrior Groups have recently taken a role in an unofficial campaign against the influx and spread of the relatively recent sickness of HIV and AIDS, melesene bininapa gite tila gi, literally 'the sickness without medicine/cure'.
To add to an already electrifying performance this year, the rich and powerful voices of Cleveland's own Prayer Warriors will lend their special blend of "Inspirational Groove" to the show.
Bernards was third at 7-5, with First Christian NP and Prayer Warriors II 6-6 and 4-8 , respectively.
Prayer Warriors II and First Christian NP are tied for second at 7-3 with WCCC fourth at 5-5.
My prayer is that he's got some true prayer warriors on his team along with the military leaders he's identified.
The Unplugged Side" consists of Alex Bevan, Annie Dechant, Under the Tree, Mike Farley Band, Alexis Antes, Collette, Chris Daniels, Charlie Wiener, Cletus Black Revue, Jim Schafer, Walkin' Cane Band, Cindy Mackay, Prayer Warriors and Tommy Wiggins.