Prayer Warrior

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A person who prays for someone who is ill in an attempt to alleviate or cure the disease
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"You taught me the word, you taught me to be a prayer warrior, you made me understand my kingdom mandate, you taught me music, you taught me how to proclaim and possess all that is my portion.
Since the educational intervention was from the Prayer Warrior research study based on patients who were receiving hemodialysis, other interventions, such as transplant or peritoneal dialysis, were not discussed.
Prayer Warrior Groups have existed in the Gogodala area since the late 1970s and early 1980s, during which time Gogodala men and women began to experience 'revivals' in village Churches (see also Jebens 2005; Robbins 1998, 2004; Tuzin 1997).
I admit, though, that it's hard not to see karmic comeuppance in the kidnap of a prominent fanatical Islamic 'prayer warrior' of Buhari's second term by the name of Ahmad Sulaiman who secured his freedom after nearly two weeks of captivity and hundreds of millions of naira in ransom payment.
Lorana has since become a prayer warrior with Human Coalition.
"The Prayer Warrior: A Tale of the Last Battle of General Stonewall Jackson" highlights the gripping tale of the last battle of General Stonewall Jackson.
She enjoyed sending ministry prayer warrior cards and spending time with her family.
He was a faithful member of and a strong prayer warrior at New Life Christian Center Church in Woodstock for 17 years.
A lot of people don't know that he is a firm CAC person and a prayer warrior. The first time he went to minister in CAC around Ago-Ijaiye, I was shocked when the pastor called me later and asked if I knew what they used to call my husband when he was young.
She was a prayer warrior who loved and faithfully served the Lord her entire adult life.
I am self sufficient; I am a fighter, winner, conqueror, prayer warrior and I believe in God.
Daisy, as a Prayer Warrior, stands in the gap for God's people.