Prayer Warrior

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A person who prays for someone who is ill in an attempt to alleviate or cure the disease
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As soon as I got off the phone, I began calling some of the prayer warriors who are members of our church family.
Since the educational intervention was from the Prayer Warrior research study based on patients who were receiving hemodialysis, other interventions, such as transplant or peritoneal dialysis, were not discussed.
Prayer Warrior Groups have existed in the Gogodala area since the late 1970s and early 1980s, during which time Gogodala men and women began to experience 'revivals' in village Churches (see also Jebens 2005; Robbins 1998, 2004; Tuzin 1997).
Prayer warriors, please pray for my father's health.
Men and women, including children occupant of the boat, became prayer warriors amid tears with the wave becoming stronger and more dangerous before the captain of the boat called the Libyan police for rescue.
Given my history of clinical depression and anxiety attacks coupled with a potentially life-threatening growth in my pancreas, it feels like it's about time to call for support from FB Prayer Warriors," he wrote.
Rather, they see God's presence working in perichoretic ways through anthropos figures in their churches, be it prayer warriors, choir singers, healets, or prophets/prophetesses.
So I had to spend some time with the little homie Roman," he wrote, before asking the prayer warriors for their "most sincere prayers.
During each campaign, we are calling on prayer warriors across the nation.
Jacob Oulanyah said that having two prayer warriors in State House in President Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni is a blessing from God for the country.
Equally important to counseling is the presence of volunteer sidewalk prayer warriors.
During Tony's recovery and therapy he was blessed with a support team of prayer warriors, his family, his pastor, hospital chaplains, members, as well as countless friends and members of the medical profession.