Pratt, Joseph H.

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Joseph H., U.S. physician, 1872-1956.
Pratt anoscope
Pratt curette
Pratt dilator
Pratt director
Pratt forceps
Pratt hook
Pratt open reduction
Pratt probe
Pratt proctoscope
Pratt scissors
Pratt sound
Pratt speculum
Pratt symptom - rigidity in the muscles of an injured limb preceding the occurrence of gangrene.
Pratt T-clamp
Pratt technique
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A partial list of devices recalled by A & A Medical to date was provided in an FDA letter dated March 15 and includes the following items: curette (flexible and rigid, all sizes), aspiration sets, laminaria, IUD removal instruments, mucus samplers, biopsy pipette endometrial sampling sets, uterine sounds, Pratt dilator set, ovum forceps, tenaculum forceps, needle extenders and guide, fetal bladder drain, fetal blood sampler, harvesting pump and accessories, loop/ball electrodes, and laparoscopy accessories.