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Aum (ä·ōōmˑ), 1. in Ayurveda, the subtle, noiseless cosmic vibration in which consciousness existed in the beginning, before the elements appeared. Also called
Om. 2. mantra seed syllable often used in meditation.
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The most scathing criticism for the Christian use of Hindu symbols has come from Swami Devananda of Madras: "You sin against Hinduism," he wrote to Griffiths, "by nailing the holy pranava to the Roman cross and incorporating the same in your official device.
Special attention is given to the distinctive thesis on the relation between the Brahmasatras and the Bhavagata Purana, supported in various ways: citations from the Caitanya Caritamrta which expound Caitanya's view of the correlation among the pranava (om), the gayatri mantra, the first four sutras of the Brahmasatras (the Catuhsloki) and the Bhagavata Purana; an elaborate correlation between the phrases of the first verse of the Purana and six sutras (1.