statistical power

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sta·tis·ti·cal pow·er

in Neyman-Pearson hypothesis testing, the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is false; the complement of an error of the second kind.
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Eight linear algorithms were developed to estimate the most adequate adjusted corneal refractive index [mathematical expression not reproducible] minimizing the error associated to the corneal power calculation using the keratometric approach in keratoconus.
power calculations that were adequately explained; 3.
After a short wait in the LZ for the bridge sections and boats to be rigged, we reviewed the preflight weight and power calculations. With a call from HST, all teams were ready to lift.
In contrast, these common lead impedances are included in the input power calculations, since at high frequencies, all of the other impedances in the input circuit are small.
We perform power calculations in the beginning to account for the likelihood of chance if we see no effect in the end and significance calculations at the end to see the degree to which the efficacy we observed would have been due to sheer chance rather than a true effect.
The AL-Scan device exhibits good repeatability and reproducibility in all biometric measurements and IOL power calculations, independent of the operator concerned.
Without mutual commitment to international covenants based on the rule of law, state transactions will require scrupulous attention to economic costs and benefits, crafty diplomacy anchored on balance of power calculations, and a sharp focus always on national interest.