Laser Whitening

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The use of a laser to provide whiter teeth
Technique A bleaching product is painted on the teeth, followed by laser exposure, which activates the chemical, lightening the teeth up to five or six shades
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selling Beyond Power Whitening system, allowing the whitening process to become more simple and affordable.
He said: "I use Zoom Power Whitening in my practice, which Bill invented and I got in touch and asked if I could watch him work.
Other chapters discuss non-vital tooth whitening, home whitening, power whitening, microabrasion, gingival bleaching, safety and sensitivity, and maintenance.
Lisa, married to financial advisor Dave, 40, was treated by Dr Martine Graham at the Smile Studio where she had a teeth power whitening treatment.
She received Britesmile power whitening and a smile makeover, comprising of laser treatment, nine porcelain veneers and a replacement porcelain crown.
Aquafresh has not been slow to note this, and recently introduced Aquafresh Power Whitening Rechargeable, designed to encourage consumers to trade up from battery-operated to rechargeable toothbrushes.
Power whitening brightens teeth by an average of 10 shades in one session, but some patients' results are much more dramatic than others.
A Power Whitening treatment at The Teeth for Life Centre in central London is the best of its kind.
based company say the product is the first toothpaste designed to turn electric toothbrushes into power whitening brushes.
The BEYONDA II Whitening Accelerator is a reinvented version of our BEYONDA Power Whitening Accelerator System, allowing teeth whitening to be even more simple and affordable.
We recommend a dual focus - with in-clinic Zoom power whitening and bespoke trays for home use.
1 An in-surgery power whitening treatment worth pounds 595