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/ap·ple/ (ap´'l)
1. the edible fruit of the rosaceous tree, Malus sylvestris ; in dried powdered form it is used as an antidiarrheal.
2. something that resembles this fruit.

Adam's apple  laryngeal prominence.
The fruit of the tree Malus sylvestris, which has a long tradition as a ‘healthy food’; the components responsible for the 'apple effect' include high pectin content, soluble fiber and polyphenols
Apples may be useful in reducing the risk of cancer, controlling DM, favourably altering GI transit times in both constipation and diarrhea, and for cardiovascular disease, as pectin decreases cholesterol


Popular nutrition The fruit of the tree Malus sylvestris, which has a long tradition as a 'healthy food'; the components responsible for the apple's effect include its high pectin content, soluble fiber, and polyphenols. See Healthy foods.


The edible, more-or-less spheric fruit of trees of the genus Malus.
[O.E. aeppel]


apple pulp
ingestion of large amounts can cause lactic acidosis, or manganese deficiency resulting in congenital chondrodystrophy.

Patient discussion about apple

Q. what about drinking vinger apple to keep fit?

A. 90% of the alternative medicine people use are not tested clinically. it doesn't mean they don't work, just that that no one tested them to see if they are truly useful and what is the active ingredient in them. in a site i found they gave a big list of what can apple vinegar can help you for. from acne to cholesterol, diabetes and Menstrual problems. too much if you ask me. if there were 3-5 things on the list it was reasonable. but almost 20? so you might as well take it cause it wouldn't hurt you. but i'm not sure about the usefulness. try it and let me know :)

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As the first of a series of iPhone photography activities for the year, Power Mac Center will be featuring #ShotoniPhone photos on their social media accounts and in a photo exhibit to be held at the SM Mall of Asia, Level 1, Main Mall from February 16 to 22.
It was a small gesture, but it felt extremely good to see their smiles when they received the surprise,' said Joey Alvarez, marketing director of Power Mac Center.
In related news, to coincide with the launch of the new dual processor Power Mac G5 Apple has reduced the price of its existing single processor 1.
Delivering the industry's highest system bandwidth, the Power Mac G5 line offers dual 2.
25 gigahertz Power Mac G4 to $1,999 from $2,499, he said.
Apple in July introduced the new dual-processor Power Mac G4 and all-new Power Mac G4 Cube, both of which feature the PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine, delivering supercomputing performance on the desktop.
Power Mac Center has become a reliable retail shop and service provider of Apple products to the Filipino consumer.
Macintosh developer Apple Computer Corp has made available its Power Mac G5 with a 64-bit desktop processor and 1GHz front-side bus.
The new Power Mac G5 combines the world's first 64-bit desktop processor, the industry's first 1 GHz front-side bus, and up to 8 GB of memory to beat the fastest Pentium 4 and dual Xeon-based systems in industry-standard benchmarks and real-world professional applications.
Mac users will also be able to find ATI's graphics power in the recently announced Power Mac G5.
The new PC-compatible cards enable a Power Mac to run as fast as a mainstream Pentium computer.
APC by Schneider Electric, in partnership with the Power Mac Center, have made available to Filipinos the APC MB10K Power Pack with 10,000 mAh external battery.