Potts scissors


Willis J., U.S. pediatric surgeon, 1895-1968.
Potts anastomosis - Synonym(s): Potts operation
Potts aortic clamp
Potts bronchial forceps
Potts bulldog forceps
Potts cardiovascular clamp
Potts clamp - a fine-toothed, multiple-point, vascular fixation clamp that imparts limited trauma to the vessel while securely holding it.
Potts coarctation clamp
Potts coarctation forceps
Potts dilator
Potts dissector
Potts elevator
Potts expansile dilator
Potts expansile knife
Potts forceps
Potts ligature
Potts needle
Potts operation - direct side-to-side anastomosis between the aorta and pulmonary artery as a palliative procedure in congenital malformation of the heart. Synonym(s): Potts anastomosis
Potts patent ductus clamp
Potts rib shears
Potts scissors
Potts shunt
Potts splint
Potts tenaculum
Potts valvulotome
Potts vascular scissors
Potts-Smith bipolar forceps
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The choice of whether to use the Potts scissors in port 1 (right-sided) or port 2 (left-sided) depends on how important it is for the surgeon to have the opportunity to use two graspers at the same time for tissue manipulation.
Potts scissors and micro-bipolar graspers are used to mobilize tubal segments and to deperitonealize the edges of the mesosalpinx.