Pott, Sir Percivall

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Sir Percivall, English surgeon, 1713-1788.
Pott abscess - tuberculous abscess of the spine.
Pott aneurysm - dilation and tortuosity of a vein resulting from an acquired communication with an adjacent artery. Synonym(s): aneurysmal varix
Pott curvature - a gibbous deformity, i.e., a sharp angulation of the spine, occurring in Pott disease. Synonym(s): angular curvature
Pott disease - tuberculous infection of the spine associated with a sharp angulation of the spine at the point of disease. Synonym(s): tuberculous spondylitis
Pott eversion osteotomy
Pott fracture - fracture of the lower part of the fibula and of the malleolus of the tibia, with outward displacement of the foot.
Pott gangrene - dry gangrene occurring in the aged in consequence of occlusion of an artery, particularly affecting the extremities. Synonym(s): senile gangrene
Pott paralysis - Synonym(s): Pott paraplegia
Pott paraplegia - paralysis of the lower part of the body and the extremities due to pressure on the spinal cord as the result of tuberculous spondylitis. Synonym(s): Pott paralysis
Pott puffy tumor - a circumscribed swelling of the scalp indicating an underlying osteitis of the skull or an extradural abscess.
Pott spinal curvature
Pott I syndrome - Synonym(s): Dupuytren fracture
Pott II syndrome - dry gangrene caused by arterial obstruction. Synonym(s): senile gangrene
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