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Tuberculous spondylitis, also called Pott disease, accounts for 1-5% of TB cases and represents about 50% of all bone and joint TB [2].
A 66-year old man, with a past history of Pott disease in his childhood, underwent intravesical administration of BCG for eight weeks.
Medical management of Pott disease in thoracic and lumbar spine: a prospective clinical study.
Evidence of involvement of intervertebral disk with increased bony reaction and sparing of the pedicles and the contiguous rib are suggestive of Pott disease. (15)
Pott disease is a well-known condition in developing countries causing multiple spinal deformities in children.
Tuberculosis of the vertebral spine (Pott disease), whose classical clinical presentation was defined in 1779 by Percival Pott, is the commonest presentation of tuberculosis of the bone (1-4).