Potomac Fever

A popular term of uncertain utility for a ‘disease’ affecting those who are temporarily in a position of power in Washington D.C., the US capital
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While it is certain and sad that John Randolph of Roanoke was ravaged by a terrible disease, the one illness from which he never suffered was the one I call Potomac Fever.
Once seated, something wafting into the offices through the vents of the Capitol infects the senators with Potomac Fever, and they devote their time to pleasing special-interest groups and PACs rather than the constituents who elected them in the first place.
The 14-member "Potomac Fever" ensemble's visit coincided with the public affairs section's America Days festival in Lviv, site of violent anti-LGBTI protests in March.
The visit attracted national media attention for the Potomac Fever, earning the ensemble a prime spot on Ukraine's top morning show, becoming the first gay chorus to perform on Ukrainian TV.
The same thing happens in US politics when successful politicians start dreaming of moving out of a governor's mansion and into the famous address in Washington DC - they call it "Potomac fever".
Potomac Fever: A Memoir of Politics and Public Service.
Among horses, Potomac fever is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease, but in the world of American governmental officials it has an entirely different meaning--although it too can be a fatal disease.
Potomac fever; a memoir of politics and public service.
From "Potomac Fever," a section of the White House website devoted to "The President and His Leadership Team." The document is by Clay Johnson, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget.
Potomac Fever is a significant health concern that may be impacting you or some of the people you love and respect.
I mean, this is an attitude of Potomac fever that the government thinks we can legislate about and solve every crime and every problem.
He caught a severe case of "Potomac fever" then an in the past 17 years has worked in the executive and judicial branches of the federal government and in both House and Senate.
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