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1. An instrument used for measuring small differences in electrical potential.
2. An electrical resistor of fixed total resistance between two terminals, but with a third terminal attached to a slider that can make contact at any desired point along the resistance.
[L. potentia, power, + G. metron, measure]


A voltmeter.

calibration potentiometer

A mechanically adjusted resistance used as a calibration control on many instruments. It adjusts a voltage or current within the device.
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To summarize: While there are many fluid power applications where resistance potentiometers and magnetostrictive sensors are a good solution, those applications often fall to either side of a bell curve.
Your basic goal is to interrupt the current flow between the battery and LEDs and get that current to flow through your potentiometer instead.
Specifically, we have looked at the conventional method of combining FSRs with a rocker potentiometer and the promising option of capturing shoulder motion with a two-axis joystick.
Like potentiometers, resolvers can only monitor position within a single 360-degree rotation, and by themselves cannot track where the patient tabletop is located along the x-axis path of travel in excess of a single rotation.
Model AP4003-0001 is powered by either 120 or 240 V AC (jumper selectable) and is field configurable for any three-wire potentiometer input from 100 [OMEGA] to 100K [OMEGA].
"Xicor provides cost-effective digital potentiometers that have voltages greater than 5 V.
"When designing a new series of Trimmer Potentiometers, we aimed to create highly-adjustable, high-heat resistant chips which could be contained in one miniaturized package" said Hisao Yuasa with the Variable Components Department for Murata, Japan.
"And, with no potentiometers to tweak by mistake, the settings stay set in the field."
In most potentiometers a single galvanometer is used for two purposes; first, in series with a standard cell for adjusting the auxiliary (battery) current through the potentiometer to its normal value, then in series with the emf under measurement.
The sound-motions were controlled for variable tempi, in part manually using 2 x 4 or more potentiometers, as well as with the aid of two "Panorama Apparatuses."(1)
Micronor's MR266 Series Remote Control Rheostats and MR267 Series Remote Control Potentiometers are turn-key devices for upgrading manual potentiometer-based process controls to automated PLC control.
Velocity and torque can be controlled via a 0 to 5 V signal or via external potentiometers. Enable, direction, and stop inputs may be activated via external switches.