potassium dichromate

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po·tas·si·um di·chro·mate

, potassium bichromate
used externally as an astringent, antiseptic, and caustic; strong oxidizing agent.
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Kali bich

A homeopathic remedy used for head and neck, gastrointestinal and genital tract complaints, including colds, migraines, nausea, sinusitis and vomiting.
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Recently, study done by Waranya Bet al (8) in Thailand, the most frequent allergen found was potassium bichromate with an incidence of 27%, which is comparable to our study (30%).
* Most of the patients in footwear series (7 cases -30.43%) were found to have positive patch test result to potassium bichromate. All the patients who showed positive reactions to potassium bichromate were males, with the majority of the cases being labourers, coming in contact with cement on a regular basis.
"The printing technique that I prefer is the 'direct Gum Bichromate process.' It relies on the selective hardening of colloids, pigments and either ammonium or potassium bichromate when exposed to ultraviolet light.