postganglionic fibers

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post·gan·gli·on·ic fi·bers

a fiber the cell body of which is located in an autonomic (motor) ganglion and the peripheral process of which will terminate on smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, or glandular epithelium; associated with sympathetic or parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system.
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"In achalasia, you have a loss of the inhibitory postganglionic fibers, and as a result, there is a relatively increased amount of acetylcholine.
* the chorda tympani nerve, which supplies taste fibers to the anterior two-thirds of the tongue, preganglionic parasympathetic fibers to the submandibular gland, and postganglionic fibers to the submandibular and sublingual glands
Sympathetic nerve fibers from the superior cervical ganglion, along with the postganglionic fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system, synapse with intercalated cells, myoepithelial cells, and acinar cells.