posterior urethral valves

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pos·te·ri·or u·re·thral valves

anomalous folds occurring at the level of the seminal colliculus in the prostatic urethra.
Synonym(s): Amussat valvula

pos·te·ri·or u·re·thral valves

(pos-tēr'ē-ŏr yūr-ē'thrăl valvz)
Anomalous folds occurring at the level of the seminal colliculus.
Synonym(s): Amussat valvula.


Jean Z., French surgeon, 1796-1856.
Amussat incision
Amussat operation
Amussat probe
Amussat valve - a series of crescentic folds of mucous membrane in the upper part of the cystic duct. Synonym(s): spiral fold of cystic duct
Amussat valvula - anomalous folds occurring at the level of the seminal colliculus. Synonym(s): posterior urethral valves
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Lower urinary tract dysfunction in patients with posterior urethral valve and urodynamically detected changes on long term follow up.
As with posterior urethral valves, patients with Prune Belly syndrome will demonstrate a spectrum of disease manifestations.
The clinical presentation of the child with posterior urethral valves depends on the age of the patient at the time of presentation, which in turn is often related to the severity of the obstruction.
1] Posterior urethral valves are one of most common cause of lower urinary tract obstruction in new born males.
During the procedure, systematic examination did not reveal any posterior urethral valves, anterior bladder perforations, or obstructive lesions.
Table 2 shows that the most commonly observed abnormalities associated with CKD development were Ochoa syndrome, renal hypoplasia, prune belly syndrome, and posterior urethral valves.
Factors affecting renal scarring in posterior urethral valves.
I was told my baby had kidney failure and, while in the womb, he was diagnosed with posterior urethral valves.
Less common is secondary VUR, which is caused by an obstruction in the bladder or urethra and generally the result of high-pressure bladder situations such as neurogenic bladders, posterior urethral valves (found in males), or simply because of bad toileting habits such as "holding" urine.

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