posterior segment

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pos·te·ri·or seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in back of or dorsal to the other similar parts or sections. See: posterior bronchopulmonary segment S II, posterior basal bronchopulmonary segment S X, posterior hepatic segment I, (right) posterior lateral hepatic segment [VII] [VII], (right) posterior medial hepatic segment [VIII] [VIII], posterior renal segment.
Synonym(s): segmentum posterius [TA]


directed toward or situated at the back; opposite of anterior. In quadrupeds usually applied only to parts of the head.

with the x-ray beam passing from the back to the front, especially to the limbs.
posterior chamber luxation
see lens luxation.
posterior (caudal) drawer sign
instability of the stifle joint with caudal movement of the proximal tibia in relation to the distal femur; normally restricted by the intact posterior (caudal) cruciate ligament. This movement is used as a test in the diagnosis of rupture of the ligament in the dog.
posterior functional stenosis
failure of pyloric outflow from the abomasum, as part of the syndrome of vagus indigestion in cattle.
inherited posterior paralysis
congenital paraplegia recorded in cattle and pigs. There are other nervous signs, e.g. opisthotonos, in some forms.
posterior limiting membrane
posterior pituitary
posterior polar cataract
posterior segment
the vitreous body, retina, choroid and optic disk.
posterior station trypanosomes
one of the two types of cyclical development of trypanosomes. In this form the metacyclic trypomastigotes accumulate in the hindgut of the arthropod vector and are passed out with its feces. Infection of the definitive vertebrate host occurs via the skin or skin wound. Called also stercoracic.
posterior vena caval thrombosis
see caudal vena caval thrombosis.
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