posterior mediastinum

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pos·te·ri·or me·di·as·ti·num

lies between the pericardium anteriorly and the vertebral column posteriorly and below the level of the plane that interesects the sternal angle and the T4-5 intervertebral disc. It contains the descending aorta, thoracic duct, esophagus, azygos veins, and vagus nerves.
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It is reported that chylous fistula during the initial operation can be prevented by performing protective dissection and ligating lymphatic vessels, particularly in the posterior mediastinum. Surgical treatment of chylous fistula usually involves ligation of the thoracic duct.
In the middle compartment lesions, we encountered were mostly lymph nodal metastatic deposits, whereas in the posterior mediastinum neurogenic tumours were more common.
As previously reported the intimal tear of the descending aorta at the level of the mid-thoracic spine bled into the posterior mediastinum and crossed the midline to rupture into the right pleural space.
Hemi-azygous vein runs in posterior mediastinum with a small horizontal communication with azygous vein at 9th thoracic vertebra.
The study with 171 patients, 100 (58%) had tumors located in the anterosuperior mediastinum, followed by the posterior mediastinum and finally, the middle mediastinum.
Most of these tumors are found in the superior aspect of the anterior or posterior mediastinum and are thus permeable through a cervical incision; 1.4%-20% of patients require sternotomy (4).
Primary sites involved were adrenals, pelvis, retroperitonium, posterior mediastinum and paraspinal regions.
As there is no fascia between the posterior mediastinum and the retropharyngeal and epidural space, air can freely diffuse into the epidural space via the posterior surface due to lower resistance.
In another patient, bronchogenic cyst extended from posterior mediastinum beyond the diaphragm.
The location of the descending aorta is variable; along either the right or left posterior mediastinum (Figure 5).

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