Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

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The interjection of ‘alien’ thought(s) into the mind of a patient undergoing hypnosis, compelling him to commit an act that he would not normally commit
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Before you know it, we could be buying DFS furniture or Walkers crisps on the subliminal post-hypnotic suggestion of easy payments or Gary Lineker.
Under its current patent, the technology consists of a wrist-worn signaling device capable of delivering audible, visual and tactile post-hypnotic suggestion signals.
The latter cue, termed "triggered-suggestion" at the time, was intended to automatically provoke, or "trigger", the post-hypnotic suggestion producing more favorable results.
Those who employ trances regularly to experience the feeling of being in the zone can trigger the same response when required, by means of post-hypnotic suggestion.
A post-hypnotic suggestion is one that is intended to have an effect after the hypnotic experience is over and the patient has regained normal waking consciousness.
He gave me a small post-hypnotic suggestion, which I realised when I suddenly started tying the shoelaces in my shoes, except they didn't have laces.
Examples of symptomatic relief are authoritarian hypnosis with post-hypnotic suggestion, or systematic desensitization.
17%), testing was done with the subject under the influence of a post-hypnotic suggestion.
The effects of post-hypnotic suggestion and relaxation with suggestion on competitive fencing anxiety and performance.
Although I covered many details in my first book, The Prisoner of San Jose, basically a memoir about my entrapment, I now have sought to reveal a great deal more of the intimate details of AMORC's methodology of mind control and how its enslavement progresses from mild hypnotic induction to more serious forms of post-hypnotic suggestions, combined with a protocol for training members to excel in creating positive hallucinations as suggested by a progressive set of exercises," says Freeman.
However, we think that psi-favouring post-hypnotic suggestions that the expert hypnotist can add after the hypnagogic state is obtained may enhance the results with respect to the ganzfeld or other more structured procedures.
Smarmy dentist Charles Dance is determined to be the one but plans go awry when his post-hypnotic suggestions inadvertently lead her to invite American sports therapist Anthony Edwards (who inexplicably not only wanted to be in the film, but produced it too) round to her gaff instead.

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