Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

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The interjection of ‘alien’ thought(s) into the mind of a patient undergoing hypnosis, compelling him to commit an act that he would not normally commit
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Before you know it, we could be buying DFS furniture or Walkers crisps on the subliminal post-hypnotic suggestion of easy payments or Gary Lineker.
Under its current patent, the technology consists of a wrist-worn signaling device capable of delivering audible, visual and tactile post-hypnotic suggestion signals.
Those who employ trances regularly to experience the feeling of being in the zone can trigger the same response when required, by means of post-hypnotic suggestion.
They encounter the first alien-human hybrid girl, a dangerous cult and the dangers of post-hypnotic suggestion, all in this compelling two-disc box set.
A post-hypnotic suggestion is one that is intended to have an effect after the hypnotic experience is over and the patient has regained normal waking consciousness.
He gave me a small post-hypnotic suggestion, which I realised when I suddenly started tying the shoelaces in my shoes, except they didn't have laces.
Lisa insists she knows enough about hypnosis to plant a post-hypnotic suggestion inside the mind of anyone -- even someone as stubborn as her brother-in-law.
Liebeault himself was one who showed an interest in alleged hypnotic telepathy; many anticipated modern work on state-dependent memory; and post-hypnotic suggestion experiments greatly interested Bernheim.
Examples of symptomatic relief are authoritarian hypnosis with post-hypnotic suggestion, or systematic desensitization.
17%), testing was done with the subject under the influence of a post-hypnotic suggestion.
The effects of post-hypnotic suggestion and relaxation with suggestion on competitive fencing anxiety and performance.

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