Post-Code Lottery

A term of art referring to the differences in cancer outcome measures which the Calman-Hine framework was designed to eliminate
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3bn of extra funding - will replace the current post-code lottery which saw huge differences in funding between similar schools in different parts of the country.
The time has come to review the MoU or issue a letter of clarification in the face of continuing change or risk an accusation of instigating another post-code lottery.
It's also the beginning of a campaign to call for some joined-up thinking by police forces to reduce the post-code lottery of inconsistent policing throughout the country.
The truth is that deep and meaningful reforms need to be introduced to avoid the post-code lottery of services that will now pop up across the country.
Councillors feared this would create a post-code lottery for NHS care and leave the council with insufficient money to do the job.
In response to my letter of the June 5, 2009, to the Prime Minister concerning a number of issues regarding the long term care of the elderly and disabled including the NHS Post-code lottery, and the fact that I have not received a reply to my letter sent by guaranteed delivery on the 20th April 2009, seeking the support of the Government's appointed 'Voice' of Older People Dame Joan Bakewell, I received a reply from an unelected official in the DOH just telling me that: "any further letters from me regarding the right of permanent residence in care homes will be logged, but may not receive a reply" ?
THE car insurance post-code lottery can add an extra pounds 350 to the annual premiums of Welsh drivers living just streets or villages apart, it emerged yesterday.
The NCC decision to make the drug available followed a campaign by Sharon to end the post-code lottery that stopped breast cancer victims in the North from getting the drug on the NHS.
The Government has forked out pounds 570m specifically to fund the latest cancer drugs and still the scandalous post-code lottery continues.
But concern escalated when we then revealed the post-code lottery that meant the waiting list for other scans varied from seven weeks to almost a year, depending on where patients lived.
Sir - Hospitals closing, profoundly disabled people caught up in the post-code lottery being refused funding for recommended surgery, care homes closing, day care centres closing.
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