Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

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The interjection of ‘alien’ thought(s) into the mind of a patient undergoing hypnosis, compelling him to commit an act that he would not normally commit
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* Post-hypnotic Experience--The post hypnotic suggestion is used to reinforce the learning within a psychotherapy session.
A post hypnotic suggestion was offered that she could practice this at home.
The role of the anaesthetist in management of children who have had preoperative hypnotherapy and post hypnotic suggestion is in three main areas.
post hypnotic suggestion and is asked why he is acting
As a post hypnotic suggestion Erickson gave him permission to continue this practice provided that just before he downed the whiskey shots he added the extra pleasure of recalling how his granddaughter loved and looked up to him "...
f) Post Hypnotic Suggestions: When a hypnotized person is given suggestions for a specific action to be performed after awakening from hypnosis often in response to a cue.
Clients were hypnotized by deepening hypnosis, imagery associated with problem or situation was created, post hypnotic suggestions were given, positive imagery for future was created, ego strengthening suggestions were delivered with direct suggestions dealing with the client's situation after which they were emerged.
Keep in mind that the medicines used in anesthesia and conscious sedation are classified as hypnotics, which means suggestions, made while anesthesia drugs are onboard, are post hypnotic suggestions and can make a world of difference in the patients recovery.
His 'ultimate guides' combine clinical hypnotherapy techniques with music and voice to guide listeners into a state of deep mental and physical relaxation, where post hypnotic suggestions can release your creativity, help you sleep, or get you over your fear of spiders.
In the phase I trial, 107 women (41 pregnant and 66 non-pregnant) tested two forms of post-hypnotic suggestions to reduce or quit smoking: traditional post-hypnotic suggestions, and post hypnotic suggestions linked to "triggers" later delivered by a wrist worn electronic triggering device.