diagnostic test

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diagnostic test

A generic term for any test used to determine the nature or severity of a particular condition—e.g., imaging, laboratory tests, etc.


pertaining to or emanating from the making of a diagnosis.

diagnostic codes
alphanumeric codes used to identify diagnoses for the purposes of computer storage. The codes can be entirely alphabetical, and therefore much more user-friendly, but the number of diagnoses that the system can hold is limited. Completely numeric code systems offer limitless volumetric capacity, a disadvantage in a working hospital.
diagnostic data
data with finite values as opposed to continuous data, e.g. the number of puppies born per litter.
diagnostic disciplines
the disciplines applied to the making of diagnoses. Includes clinical medicine, surgery and reproduction and also epidemiology, pathology, microbiology, parasitology and toxicology.
diagnostic hypotheses
preliminary list of potential diagnoses.
diagnostic kits
commercially available tests used in the diagnosis of disease. Most are intended for biochemical estimation or the qualitative detection of antigen or antibody. Many are based on an ELISA.
diagnostic laboratory, veterinary diagnostic laboratory
present in most countries to provide veterinary laboratory diagnostic services, particularly with respect to regulatory diseases but, in almost all cases, also for laboratory diagnostic support for any animal disease. Most are supported, in part, by state or national funding but most also need to charge a fee for diagnostic services. In the US, accreditation is through the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD). Regional veterinary diagnostic laboratories are established to serve the needs of farms in their proximity
diagnostic plan
in problem-oriented diagnosis, the systematic outline of procedures and tests to be undertaken in making a diagnosis.
diagnostic points
in acupuncture terminology include association points (back Shu points and alarm points, front Mu points).
diagnostic test
tests likely to provide information which aids in the making of a diagnosis.
diagnostic trail
a standard procedure for making a clinical and laboratory examination so that nothing is omitted and so that the procedure can be checked or repeated.
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showed that a history and clinical examination with at least three positive tests has a positive predictive value of 60%,10 whereas Laslett et al.
During January-March 1998, 27 additional positive test results were reported from this laboratory, compared with one to two positive tests per month during the same 3-month period in 1997.
According to government reports, drug abuse in the trucking industry, as measured by a percentage of positive test results, is less than half of that found in the general work force.
Initial indications are that the positive test resulted from the consumption of a contaminated feed product.
France Galop then banned him a further 18 months after a second positive test in August 2007.
However, the positive predictive value (a positive test indicating there is a heart abnormality) was low, meaning many of the positive tests occurred on children who had no heart abnormality.
Nigerian Osayemi Oludamola was stripped of the women s 100 metres gold medal on Tuesday after her B sample confirmed a positive test for a banned stimulant.
And he admits that while Britain has one of the toughest anti-doping programmes in the world, there is a risk of a positive test in Beijing.
Chelsea bought Mutu from Parma in August 2003 for pounds 15m and let him go in October 2004 following the positive test.
A France Galop hearing considered the case of the six-time champion jockey, whose B-test sample confirmed the original positive test for a banned substance.
Mosquitoes collected in the Sepulveda Basin area tested positive for the potentially fatal West Nile virus -- only the second positive test this year in Los Angeles County, a hot spot for the disease in past years.
Rusedski was acquitted by a tribunal three weeks ago of responsibility for a positive test for nandrolone but since then the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) have been considering a possible appeal against that decision.

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