positional isomer

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positional isomer (p·ziˑ·sh·nl īˑ·s·mer),

n one of two or more compounds with identical chemical composition but having a different functional group location. See also isomerism.
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In this work, a pair of positional isomer of GAs, GA-Mf and GA-S, were separated from fermented mycelia of the mushroom.
The instrument will be primarily used for the identification of certain new psychoactive substances also known as legal highs, not distinguishable by current GC-MS techniques and involves distinguishing between positional isomers in many cases.
1987), is a collective term which indicates geometric (cis, trans) and positional isomers (7,9; 8,10; 9,11; 10,12; 11,13; 12,14) of cis-9, cis-12-octadecadienoic acid (C18:2n-6) (Figure 1).
3+]-labeled toxin was analyzed by reversed-phase HPLC, and several positional isomers were detected (Fig.
In analyses where mass spectrometry is lacking, such as in the identification of positional isomers, IR data is conclusive.
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