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A choreographed series of poses a bodybuilder presents to a choice of music in the public presentation of the IFBB judging system
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Each weight or height class winner received a one-year subscription to Posedown Magazine presented by Bob Johnson.
The eight models will compete in a series of battles, including Lawnmower Joust, Paintball Posedown, Punish Sticks, Run Away, Laundry Dunk and Shocking Questions.
Paintball Posedown invites the models to give the camera their most alluring male-model looks -- while being shot at with paintballs.
ATLANTA -- The bodies are fierce, and so is the competition as the fall kicks off blazing hot with the NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships with top athletes poised to battle it out in the "HOTLANTA POSEDOWN.