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Alejandro, Argentine parasitologist, 1870-1902. See: Posadas disease.
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Second, it takes a special kind of dedication and passion for Posadas to keep doing what he has started, considering most of the Black Cows' members have other bands and various commitments.
It's a reversed auction of sort as buyers will be the ones that will now look for suppliers,' Posadas added.
FibraHotel and Grupo Posadas have also pledged to invest about Ps.
FibraHotel and Grupo Posadas have signed a binding agreement subject to certain conditions including: the approval of Grupo PosadasA' and FibraHotelA's shareholders, FibraHotelA's successful CBFI placement and, COFECE authorisation.
Unos estiman que Jose Guadalupe Posada hizo 11 mil dibujos y otros senalan que 20 mil.
En abierta oposicion a la exquisitez y voluptuosidad grafica que hace de la obra del checoslovaco Alphonse Marie Mucha, el cartelista del Art Nouveau por antonomasia, el aguascalentense Jose Guadalupe Posada aporto a la grafica universal la viveza de su trazo y una capacidad de concrecion visual del entorno cotidiano, en la que supo conjugar realismo y recreacion y cuyo maximo exponente es, sin genero de dudas, su serie de calaveras, y de entre ellas La Calavera Garbancera, posteriormente asumida por Diego Rivera como La Catrina, indiscutible emblema de la mexicanidad.
Savvis, a CenturyLink company (NYSE:CTL) and a provider of cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprises, announced on Wednesday that Posadas, a Mexican hotel operator, has selected Savvis as its IT infrastructure outsourcing provider.
Posadas will migrate and consolidate its IT from its data centre infrastructure to cloud-centered solutions hosted in a Savvis data centre in Dallas.
In a year when Mexico is struggling to keep its tourism viable, one of its most prominent tourism-related businesses, hotel chain Grupo Posadas, is facing myriad financial and legal problems that have affected the company's solvency and damaged its image.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 13, 2011--S&P ends review on Posadas with B-/mxBB- ratings affirmation(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
An article on Las Posadas on Monday's Page C1 misstated where the services are held.
This reenactment of Mary and Joseph's difficult journey and search for lodging before the birth of Jesus is known as Las Posadas.