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A genus of the invertebrate phylum Cnidaria that includes the Portuguese man-of-war.
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A genus of the invertebrate phylum Cnidaria that includes the Portuguese man-of-war.
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On Wednesday morning, a member of the Facebook group "Hualien Person", posted two photos showing Portuguese Man o' War washed up on the rocky Qixingtan Beach in Hualien County.
An invasion of Portuguese Man O' Wars has closed most of the region's beaches to swimmers.
"Consequently we have seen one of the largest infestations of the Portuguese man o' war land on our western seaboard in more than 100 years.
However, the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters was cited by CNA as saying that in recent days a large number of the more venomous Portuguese Man o' War (physalia physalis) have indeed been found by members of the public and confirmed in coastal areas of Taitung, on the northern coast of Green Island, Hualian's Qixingtan Beach, and the Hualian River Estuary, among other places.
The UK Coastguard is warning people to stay safe after reports of jellyfish which resemble the Portuguese Man o' War washing up on beaches in Dorset and Devon.
They wrote: "We have had confirmed reports of a number of Portuguese man o' war. These have the appearance of jellyfish but technically are a number of sea animals all attached as a group.
LETHAL Portuguese man o' war are being washed up on our shores - and experts say they could soon arrive in large numbers.
And yesterday, a teenage swimmer was taken to hospital after being stung by one of a large number of venomous Portuguese Man o' War jellyfish which have turned up on the Pembrokeshire coast.
Mrs Marshadlam, who said one sting mark was the size of an egg, did not have a good look at the creature but was sure it was it was a Portuguese man o' war because of the severity of her injuries.
Q HOW did the jellyfish called the Portuguese Man O' War get its name?

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