Porter, Thomas C.

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Thomas C., English scientist, 1860-1933.
Ferry-Porter law - see under Ferry
Porter law - a principle that critical flicker frequency increases with brightness of stimulus independent of stimulus wavelength.
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Two days after the state's request was denied, Attorney General Mike Hunter's office signed an agreement with Washington, D.C.-based Arnold & Porter law firm to hire Lisa Blatt as outside counsel.
It gives claimants the ability to force a sale of the property to obtain funds necessary to pay the delinquent debt, said William Porter, Esq., a principal in the Porter Law Group, Inc., based in Sacramento, CA.
Currently a senior partner at the Arnold & Porter law firm, Reade has worked on international trade issues since 1982.
Porter Law Offices." The room was jammed with old easy chairs, a bed, bookshelves, a writing desk and a drafting table in front of a window that looked out - if you peered around the Kerry-Edwards campaign sign taped to it - on downtown and Skinner Butte.
Smith, former general counsel to the CIA who is now a partner at the Arnold and Porter law firm.
of the Porter Law Firm of Little Rock denied that an award should be given in his answer to Persons' petition.