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Portable air conditioners--sometimes called spot cool-ers--provide an excellent way to make sure laboratory equipment and personnel receive the cooling they need to work efficiently.
Among the chief considerations when determining whether to buy a portable unit are the consuming markets in a recycler's service area.
So whether your studio needs a new wall-mounted barre or a handy portable one, this essential tool will help your dancers take the next step toward their work in the studio's center, and finally, to center stage.
Portable air- and water-cooled chillers from 0.5 to 40 tons.
Another innovation is how the portables are anchored and endure the nightly punishment from players who play above the rim.
Other priority actions include conducting basic safety and health self-assessments, and placing portables away from roadways.
[] Keep only the most necessary proprietary information on the portable.
According to Michael Winkler, senior vice president and general manager of the portable PC division at Compaq, the company will aggressively its portables through retailers for the first time, something Toshiba has been doing for years.
If I'd had a portable like the one I am using now, I would have carried it with me on my bicycle to the VA hospital in Palo Alto, where I moonlighted in the emergency room most weekends to pay my way through business school.
With more folks working on the road, portable computing is becoming increasingly popular.
PC Magazine reviewed other portables and found that they had come to emulate the "lunchbox" style of the Compaq portable and were equally bulky, but were quite different in their engineering.
* A county sheriff's department, with three vehicles and one base, rarely needs portables. However, when one is needed, it is needed immediately.