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Edward, English surgeon, 1793-1862. See: Stanley cervical ligaments.
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Vulcans were involved in seven missions from Ascension Island to bomb Port Stanley airfield in 1982, but two were aborted.
Timerman said changing the name of Port Stanley would breach United Nations resolutions.
Instead we had to content ourselves with good views of Port Stanley from the deck, more distant views of Mount Tumbledown and other battle sites and watching thousands of Gentoo penguins in nearby Gypsy Cove.
We made our way up to the top where we had a bird's eye view of Port Stanley.
To visit Port Stanley is like taking a step back in time to how England was some 30 or 40 years ago.
In Central Elgin, more people in every jurisdiction felt that their sense of attachment had decreased, although in Port Stanley the difference was fairly small.
By the end of April, over 10,000 Argentine defenders were spread throughout the Falklands, with the largest force of 7,000 men located on East Falkland Island (which the Argentinians called Soledad) in the vicinity of Port Stanley.
The Buenos Aires to Santiago itinerary visits Montevideo, Puerto Madryn, Port Stanley, Cape Horn and the Puerto Montt in Chile's Lake District.
Landings were made by zodiac at numerous locations, especially at penguin rookeries, bases such as Port Lockroy and the Ukrainian base at Vendarskiy, and settlements such as Port Stanley and Grytviken.
Clair applied to construct and operate Millennium West Pipeline; a 36-inch line extending 58 miles from near Sarnia, Ontario to the shore of Lake Erie, near Patrick Point, 15 miles southwest of Port Stanley.
Even towards Port Stanley there was a decrease in volume with distance from London.
3) The sales point at Port Stanley which utilizes the Talisman operated Lakeview compressor station has been operational since late June.