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Edward, English surgeon, 1793-1862. See: Stanley cervical ligaments.
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But it wasn't to be - news came back that white flags were flying over Port Stanley.
Itinerary: Sailing from Santiago, ports of call include Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Horn, Port Stanley, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio de Janerio.
For example, initial opposition was strongest in Pittsburgh and Port Stanley and that seems to have been carried forward.
The airfield at Port Stanley was the only hard-surface airfield in the Falklands.
ALL-NIGHT LEAVE A picture taken by Brian of Port Stanley in the Falklands which was a favourite for parties
30pm London time on May 31, 1982, as British forces were beginning the battle for Port Stanley, the Falklands capital.
Faced with invading forces in Port Stanley in April 1982, his courage, resolve and judgment fired the spirit of the islanders and the British people to stand up to aggression and to defend the rights and freedom of the i slanders.
Mr Melding will represent Wales in the Falkland Islands today as they commemorate the 30th annives rsary of the liberation of Port Stanley from Argentine occupation.
The Argentinians are flying white flags of surrender over Port Stanley as their commanding officer sues for peace.
He was lead pathfinder on the yomp across the islands to victory at Port Stanley.
Taking centre stage will be the Vulcan bomber, famous for its role in attacking Port Stanley airport in the Falklands War.
Despite the fact everyone spoke English and cars were being driven on the left hand side of the road, we were some 8,000 miles from the UK - in Port Stanley, the smallest and most remote capital in the world, in the Falklands.