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Edoardo, Italian obstetrician, 1842-1902. See: Porro hysterectomy.
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This is the second year of the bursary with Alex and Connor following last year's winners, Cristina Porro and David Butler.
Aquello que no pasaba de ser una dosis mas bien modesta de cannabis que se repartia, ademas, entre todo un grupo por el que iba circulando el porro de mano en mano se ha convertido en la trampa de las drogas de diseno.
The lessons are just one part of the memory of the Challenger crew and with the new plan to bring them to film,  "Christa's message of not just the science content, but being able to reach the global village, is going to become reality," Porro said.
Cameo Club and Porro both have branches and Chai Street has recently opened a branch.
Part of the famous Cardiff Potted Pig umbrella, Porro - neighbourhood Italian restaurants based in Llandaff and Wellfield Road - have launched their Christmas menu.
Deputy Attorney General; Julie Porro, Chief Information Security Officer, Jet Blue; David Cass, IBM Global Partner Cloud Security Services; Rami Efrati, former head of the Israel Department of Cyber Bureau; Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive; and numerous other information technology experts.
Premium Italian furniture maker Porro has come a long way from its roots in Brianza, where, for close to a century, it has been unlocking the intrinsic elegance of wood with the world's widest selection of wood veneers for bedroom luxury and wardrobe systems.
Leyenda: Edoardo Porro (1842-1902), medico italiano, insigne precursor de la cesarea.
Este porro encabeza uno de los carteles mas peligrosos de los ultimos 80 anos.
In Kepler's design the image of the stars was inverted and laterally reversed but it was not until Ignazio Porro in 1854, over 200 years since Galileo and Kepler's designs, that a prism erecting system was developed to place the image the 'right way up.
Architecture and decoloniality: some ideas on the National School or Plastic Arts by Ricardo Porro