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(pă-pā'vĕr, pă-pav'er),
A genus of plants, one species of which, Papaver somniferum (family Papaveraceae), furnishes opium.
Synonym(s): poppy
[L. poppy]


Any of the several plants of the genus Papaver. Opium is obtained from the juice of the unripe pods of Papaver somniferum.


n Latin names:
Papaver somniferum, Papaver bracteatum; part used: seeds; uses: diarrhea, sedative, antitussive, smooth muscle relaxant; analgesic; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, addiction, CNS depression, respiratory depression, overdose. Also called
great scarlet poppy, opium poppy, poppyseed, or
thebaine poppy.


member of the plant family Papaveraceae. Includes the genera Papaver, Chelidonium and Argemone.

poppy (horticultural)
see papaversomniferum.
References in classic literature ?
Her eyes closed in spite of herself and she forgot where she was and fell among the poppies, fast asleep.
They followed the bend of the river, and at last came upon their friend the Lion, lying fast asleep among the poppies.
A field of poppies, a glen of ferns, a row of poplars on a country lane, the tawny brown of a hillside, the shaft of sunlight on a distant peak--all such were provocative of quick joys which seemed to him like so many outbursts of song.
Once they rode out on a high hill brow where wind-blown poppies blazed about their horses' knees, and she was in an ecstasy over the lines of the many distances.
Well, there's some poppies over there by the fence I want to pick.
I should think,' said Sam, eyeing the piece of furniture in question with a look of excessive disgust--'I should think poppies was nothing to it.
Broken hearted Granddaughter Joanne, Ian and Poppie xxx McEVOY -PAUL, December 1, 2015.
KeyBank is dedicated to honoring and fostering diversity and inclusion within our workforce and communities," said Poppie Parish, manager of Key's Diversity and Inclusion segment.
Hayley, from Bridgend, wanted to share it to show how amazing Hollie, who has Down's syndrome, is as a big sister to Lillie and Poppie, four.
Love Beth, Lewis, Archie, Ben & Poppie xXxXx WARDLE JOHN Happy Fathers Grandad Love always your little Princess Sienna-kate xXx WARDLES The awesome dad of Dave, Mike and Charlotte.
Yorkshire's Poppie Jaram - coached by Malcolm Willstrop at Pontefract - headed up a 14-strong entry at girls' under-15s ahead of Durham's Lydia Robinson, winning the decider 3-0.
Lillie has gone on to make a full recovery and Jozef and Lindsey welcomed their third child Poppie in April.