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All of these various structures must be considered when attempting to palpate the popliteus muscle as they lie between the skin and the popliteus muscle (Hollinshead 1969, Gardner et al 1975, Woodburne and Burkel 1988)
Important to the therapist considering the popliteus muscle, the medial and lateral genicular branches pass medially and laterally over popliteus to run deep to their corresponding collateral ligaments before joining the arterial anastomosis around the knee joint.
Palpation of the popliteus muscle must occur through the overlying structures of the popliteal fossa.
Examination of the popliteus muscle in situ reveals those soft tissues that would hamper specific palpation of the popliteus muscle.
The attachment site of PF on popliteus muscle and/ or tendon was assessed (Fig.
The upper edge of the medial portion of the popliteus muscle serves as a landmark.
Rare bilateral variation of the popliteus muscle: anatomical case report and review of the literature.
The proximal attachments of the popliteus muscle: a quantitative study and clinical significance.
Normally, popliteus muscle is attached to the lateral condyle of the femur at the anterior end of popliteal groove and to the back of the lateral meniscus both within the capsule of the knee joint.
During routine dissection classes to undergraduate medical students a cadaver showed a very rare sesamoid bone (cyamella) in the popliteus muscle of right leg (Fig 1).
The popliteus muscle has a similar arrangement in all primates and most other mammals.
It is within the popliteus muscle and is therefore a sesamoid bone (Le Minor, 1992).