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Referring to a radiologic or pathologic finding that simulates solitary kernels of ‘popped corn’
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So, we have been eating pop corn or soybean," says Wagle.
Ante una explosion desorbitada de toda clase de expresiones violentas, fanaticas e intolerantes, una obra como Pop corn se torna mas que necesaria y obligada.
Tratandose de un escritor especialmente preocupado por el lenguaje, por el peso especifico de las palabras, la traduccion que a Mexico nos ha llegado de su Pop corn dramarizado, del experto e inteligente teatrista Otto Minera, resulta puntual y cuidadosa.
But if you want to try your hand at making caramel corn at home, give this terrific microwave version from the folks at Jolly Time Pop Corn a whirl.
American Pop Corn's jolly Time has taken consumer convenience one step further, with the introduction of a unique one-step Cheddar Cheese Flavor Microwave Pop Corn that flavors as it pops.
1 -- 2) no caption (Jolly Time's Microwave Pop Corn Single Serving Minis)
But in my experience children's theatre is complicated and often exceeds the grasp of a child's mind, thus lots of youngsters seem to go with greater enthusiasm for the pop corn rather than the plot.
2 sugar cotton machine, 2 pop corn machines, 2 fondue chocolate machines are attached photo ref.
LOW-FAT KETTLE CORN: Since Jolly Time introduced KettleMania Microwave Pop Corn last year, consumers have been asking for a low-fat version.