Poor Surgical Candidate

A term of art referring to the likelihood that a particular patient can withstand the rigours of a particular procedure and benefit therefrom
Poor surgical candidate diseases Poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension, bleeding disorders, prior MI, severe emphysema, terminal cancer, advanced AIDS, etc.
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Comorbidity can also influence the decision, favoring nonsurgical intervention if an acute or chronic medical condition or overall health status makes a patient a poor surgical candidate.
If the bleeding source is unclear or if the patient is a poor surgical candidate, the use of visceral arteriography has been advocated to identify intraluminal leakage of contrast medium or vascular disease and, at the same time, to provide control of the gastrointestinal bleeding with embolization or selective infusion of vasopressin (8).
A pattern of decompensation to using primitive defense mechanisms to handle stress suggests that the patient may have a personality disorder and might be a poor surgical candidate.
As the patient also had underlying hypertension and ischaemic heart disease, making him a poor surgical candidate, but was haemodynamically stable with no contraindication to aortic stenting, the decision was made to undertake an endovascular repair of the thoracic pseudo-aneurysm.
Medical therapies, typically progestin-based treatments, can be employed, particularly when fertility preservation is desired or among patients who are poor surgical candidates.
This may reflect selection bias, as patients who develop intractable multiple organ failure select themselves out as poor surgical candidates and do not undergo such aggressive surgery.
Invariably, owing to their limited pulmonary reserve, such patients are poor surgical candidates.
935 tumors studied and 50% of tumors <1 cm was benign in nature, so these results provide a rationale based on the pathology for conservative management of cases that are poor surgical candidates.
Also, many patients with nonmelanoma skin cancer are poor surgical candidates for a variety of reasons.