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Referring to a compound containing a number of vinyl groups in polymerized form.
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Polyvinyl siloxanes are inherently hydrophobic, however in recent times; new 'hydrophilic' polyvinyl siloxanes have been introduced with manufacturer claims that they better wet moist dental surfaces.
This has been confirmed by Takahashi and Finger [70] who demonstrated that under a simulated clinically dry field, both the hydrophilic and original f ormulations of polyvinyl siloxane wet tooth structure with equal results.
VPS adhesives (blue) for polyvinyl siloxane impression materials
The use of adhesives in trays has been shown to achieve higher material bond strengths for polyvinyl siloxanes than has mechanical retention [72, 73].
[38] reported that adhesive strength to acrylic resin (custom trays) was significantly lower than polystyrene or metal stock trays for the polyvinyl siloxanes.
They observed that polyvinyl siloxane and polysulphide were unaffected after immersion in sodium hypochlorite, 2 per cent glutaraldehyde, 0.5 per cent povidone-iodine and 0.16 per cent halogenated phenol whilst polyethers were significantly unstable.
Most recently, radiofrequency glow discharging has been advocated for use as a disinfecting procedure for polyvinyl siloxane impressions [80].
Polyvinyl siloxane impression materials are routinely used to record the impressions of dentulous and edentulous mouths.
Polyvinyl siloxane impression materials: A review of properties and techniques.
Inhibition of polymerisation of polyvinyl siloxanes by medicaments used on gingival retraction cords.
Effect of provisional luting agents on polyvinyl siloxane impression material.
Indirect inhibition of polymerization of a polyvinyl siloxane impression material: a case report.