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The polyurethanes industry has also experienced significant developments in a variety of market areas.
NEU also creates medical masterbatches of up to 80% barium sulfate or 50% bismuth subcarbonate in polyethylene or polyurethane.
With China's increasing requirements on building energy saving and the excellent heat insulation and preservation performance of rigid polyurethane foam, there will be great development space for the application of rigid polyurethane foam in building energy saving field.
According the End-Use Market Survey, major types of coatings with high demand for polyurethane materials include solvent-based (282.
As described by MT&S, the processing machinery meters out the proper amount of material--mixing the Bayer polyurethane raw materials and any required additives or colorants--which are then poured into open molds in a hot-bed oven.
Technological advances in cast PUR foam for automotive acoustical applications, presented by ICI Polyurethanes, reportedly make the economics of this technology increasingly competitive with traditional sound-deadening media (i.
Further information on the Polyurethanes 2011 Technical Conference, including details on registration, is available at www.
The Polyurethanes Recycle and Recovery Council (PURRC) seeks to identify, demonstrate and promote commercially viable technologies for recycling and/or recovering polyurethanes and post-consumer scrap.
New York in this field and some of the latest innovations are on tap at this year's polyurethanes meeting.
1 European producers and suppliers of polyurethane resins for paintwork materials
The development of polyurethane coatings technology matches the rate of development and commercialization of polyurethanes science and technology.
Polyurethanes are versatile material which can converted in various forms such as thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber (elastomer).