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the municipality of rdovre has drafted a proposal "from drive through to drive in" by polyform architects.
16 kg) used in this study was manufactured by Polyform and employed as matrix phase.
Differential aspects with the model bioinspired AVNG model is polyform, can take the form of any environmental entity, and is not restricted to a single behavior.
Polyominoes have been described as being "a polyform whose cells are squares", and they are classified according to how many cells they have.
A plane polyform is a figure constructed by joining finitely many congruent basic polygons along their edges.
The aural complexity of the title indicates the amount of layering--erotic, linguistic, and alchemical--present in the polyform language and construction of Sakra's twenty-eight poems.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 7, 2014--Levine Leichtman closes Polyform Products acquisition
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 7, 2014--Levine Leichtman closes Polyform Products acquisition
Recovered PS will be recycled by Polystyrene Recyc Plus of Quebec and reprocessed by Polyform of Quebec into products such as insulating boards, cushion packaging, and other finishing construction products.
Each longline was set in a double-drape configuration with the use of a polyform buoy attached midway on the mainline.
so it didn't have too far to drop when the economy declined, Jim Pitt, chairman of the CU's board and CEO of one of the firms, Polyform Plastics, explained.
Additionally, Cilek Products are sold by international retailers: Mobel Pfister (Switzerland), Kika Leiner (Austria), A-Mobler (Norway), Alghanim (Kuwait), Polyform (Iran).