polyester resin

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pol·y·es·ter res·in

resin in which the polymers are insoluble in most organic solvents and are polymerized by light, heat, or oxygen; used in electron microscopy as a tissue-embedding medium.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Kit Of Self Lubricated Polyster Resin Based Composite Brake Gear Bushes On Critical Location For Bmbc 1 Self Lubricated Polyester Resin Bush Drg Rdso/Sk- 81039 Alt.
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The decor particle comprises a second additive, the colorant, and at least one of: an epoxy resin and a curative; an epoxy resin, an acid-terminated polyester resin and an accelerant; or an acid-terminated polyester resin and a curative.
Rooflite Resin Topaz -- 1700 AT: It is used for making translucent roof sheets, * G P Gelcoat -- 1900 White & Clear: This is a high-quality gelcoat based on orthophthalic polyester resin suited for products such as water tanks, cladding panels, garden benches and other surfaces that are not in chemical contact.
APPLICATION: This study will help in developing new technologies for PET polyester resin or other anionic sizes to be used in neutral-alkaline papermaking systems.
26 that it has acquired the unsaturated polyester resin business of Millennium Polymer, a Houston, TX resin supplier.
A cellulose surface material is impregnated with a polyester resin and adhesively connected to a first side of the panel.
A positive cast in green polyester resin of the packaging for a camcorder, Xochipilli, 1996, was affixed to the gallery wall with wooden plugs attached to the voids designed to encase the camera's parts.
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load switch for motor protection Explosion protection to: CENELEC, IEC; used to protect Ex e- and Ex d-motors, automatic thermal overload protection and phase failure, steering; Electromagnetic current cutoff; Robust box made of polyester resin glass fiber reinforced; current setting range 0,63 A .