Polya gastrectomy

Pól·ya gas·trec·to·my

surgical procedure consisting of partial gastrectomy and retrocolic end-to-side gastrojejunostomy involving the transected body of the stomach.
Synonym(s): Pólya operation
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Pól·ya gas·trec·to·my

, Pólya operation (pōl'yah gas-trek'tŏ-mē, op-ĕr-ā'shŭn)
Operation in which a portion of the stomach is removed and a retrocolic gastrojejunostomy is constructed in an end-to-side fashion to the entire cut end of the stomach.
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Jenö (Eugene Polya), Hungarian surgeon, 1876-1944.
Hofmeister-Pólya anastomosis
Pólya anastomosis
Pólya femoral herniorrhaphy
Pólya gastrectomy - partial gastrectomy with retrocolic anastomosis of the full width of stomach to jejunum. Synonym(s): Pólya operation
Pólya gastroenterostomy
Pólya gastrojejunostomy
Pólya operation - Synonym(s): Pólya gastrectomy
Pólya technique
Reichel-Pólya stomach resection - see under Reichel, Friedrich P
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