Jenö (Eugene), Hungarian surgeon, 1876-1944. See: Pólya gastrectomy, Pólya operation, Reichel-Pólya stomach procedure.


1. Abbreviation for poly(adenylic acid).
2. Iridoid indole alkaloid isolated from Vinca sp.; may have pharmacologic applications; falling in this class are vinblastine and vincristine.
3. Excretion of d-glycerate in the urine; found in renal calculi.
4. An inborn error in metabolism resulting in d-glyceric aciduria (1).
5. A class of basic antibiotic peptides found in neutrophils that apparently kill bacteria by causing membrane damage.
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That other was your father, Polya; papa was fearfully angry.
The news site notes that Gennady Glen shouted: "Polya run!" when he saw a Russian journalist near their family home - with the dramatic moment seen as evidence that the ex-model is "hiding out at her father's flat" until hysteria over her personal life wanes.
Primers used for PCR amplifications are given in Tables 1, 2, and 3 for the peregrine falcon, the snowy owl, and the blue-fronted Amazon parrot, respectively, and include the generic polyA primers used to identify the site of 3-prime polyadenylation.
Coexistence of more than one AD in the same patient is known as Polyautoimmunity (PolyA) (2), and was observed in up to 35% patients with ADs in a cohort study involving systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic sclerosis (SSc), and multiple sclerosis (MS) as index diseases (2).
The team led by Professor of Chemistry Eugene Chen described chemical synthesis of a polymer called bacterial polyA or P3HB.
Zionism is, as Dr Gideon Polya put it, "genocidal racism in awful theory and appalling, intentional genocidal practice".
Mathematics educators agree that linking mathematical ideas by using more than one approach to solving the same problem (e.g., proving the same statement) is an essential element in the development of mathematical reasoning (Polya, 1973; Schoenfeld, 1985; NCTM, 2000).
TTSa-RNAs were defined as those reads aligned in step 4, with at least 1 nt overlapping a 5 nt-long window centered on genomic coordinates of polyA sites (GENCODE v24, [26]).
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