the Pink Dressing®, space-age dressing Wound care A dressing containing a cleanser, moisturizer and refined cornstarch, for treating diabetic ulcers PR Newswire 5/12/97. See Wound care.
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PolyMem * Easy to apply and remove Allevyn * Highly absorbent Alginates Stage 2 wounds * Nonadherent $50-185 per with a lot of box exudate Stages -4 i.
As one of the most extraordinary revolutions in healthcare today, PolyMem has produced remarkable healing results for people with full- and partial-thickness wounds such as skin tears, skin ulcers, deep wounds, surgical wounds, and burns.
Alginate Dressing KALTOSTAT ConvaTec KALGINATE DeRoyal Maxorb Medline PolyMem Ferris Mfg.
PolyMem QuadraFoam formulation dressings improve outcomes by continuously cleansing, filling, absorbing, and moistening as well as helping reduce both persistent and procedure-related wound pain through all stages of healing.
PolyMem QuadraFoam dressings have helped produce remarkable healing results for people with full- and partial-thickness wounds such as stage I-IV pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, acute wounds, diabetic wounds, venous ulcers, skin tears, and burns.
PolyMem dressings, with and without silver, have helped produce remarkable healing results for people with full- and partial-thickness wounds such as skin tears, venous leg ulcers, stage I-IV pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, surgical wounds, and burns.
The PolyMem dressing material also is used to manage both open and closed wounds, and as a covering to help protect skin from chafing or abrasions caused by equipment.
makers of PolyMem wound care dressings, has introduced Shapes[TM] to its lineup of QuadraFoam dressings.
Dental Instruments, Equipment and Supplies -- NTR Natural Tooth Replacement System, Gold winner -- Diamond Probe/Perio 2000, Silver winner Finished Packaging -- Propyflex PVC-Free Bags, Gold winner -- Betadine PrepStick, Silver winner -- Dialpak III, Silver winner General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products -- SureSight Vision Screener, Gold winner -- Ferris PolyMem, Silver winner -- NeuroMetrix NC-Stat, Silver winner Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products -- PDN Prosthetic Disc Nucleus Implant, Gold winner -- Amoena Luxa, Silver winner In Vitro Diagnostics -- Careside Analyzer, Gold winner -- AtLast, Silver winner Over-the-Counter Self-Care Products -- Dr.
These are different from all other wound dressings because only PolyMem is composed of compounds that have been shown to stimulate healing and increase tissue viability while reducing supply costs, reducing nursing time for wound care, and reducing the total cost of wound healing--all while increasing patient comfort
1 Infusion System; Infusion Dynamics Power Infuser; Parker Flex-Tip Endotracheal Tube DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, EQUIPMENT, AND SUPPLIES: Diamond Probe/Perio 2000 Periodontal Evaluation System; NTR Natural Tooth Replacement System FINISHED PACKAGING: Dialpak III Contraceptive Tablet Dispenser; Betadine PrepStick; Propyflex PVC-Free Medical Fluid Bag GENERAL HOSPITAL DEVICES AND THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS: Ferris PolyMem Wound-Care Dressings; NeuroMetrix NC-Stat Repetitive Stress Injury Test System; SureSite Portable Vision Screener IMPLANT AND TISSUE-REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS: Amoena Luxa Contact Breast Prosthesis; Raymedica PDN Prosthetic Disc Nucleus Implant IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS: AtLast Blood Glucose Monitoring System; Careside Analyzer Blood Testing System OVER-THE-COUNTER AND SELF-CARE PRODUCTS: Dr.